UNIMAKER 2020: Watch Again

Session 1: Environment and Health

Mon 7th September 10:00-12:00 BST

  • OPENING ADDRESS | Refugees Making the Desert Green — Professor Tony Ryan OBE📧, University of Sheffield 
  • The Maker Response to Covid-19 — Dr Pete Mylon📧, University of Sheffield
  • Developing a Prosthetic Arm — Thomas Thomas, Nicholas Hagis & Alex Pop, Sheffield Bionics📧

Session 2: Co/Extra-Curricular Making

Mon 7th September 15:00-17:00 BST

  • Curricular vs. Co-Curricular Projects — Dr Simon Hayes📧, University of Sheffield
  • Maker{Futures}: maker resources for primary engagement — Dr Alison Buxton📧, University of Sheffield
  • Lessons from an online IoT Making event during Lockdown — Richard Waterstone📧, SERAS
  • KEYNOTE | Creating a repair culture; making engaging online content for your makerspace — Taylor Dixon📧, iFixit

Session 3: Knowledge Exchange

Tue 8th September 10:00-12:00 BST

How can makerspaces and maker sessions adapt to Covid-19? What other topics are top of mind? Delegates share their experience and discuss next steps. Discussions are led by Ryan Jones📧 and a team of iForge student Reps 

Session 4: Making in the Curriculum

Tue 8th September 15:00-17:00 BST

  • Fast paced making: Developing confidence in Foundation Year Art and Design studentsMarie Judge📧, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Facilitating online collaboration and building 21st Century skills in studentsAvalon Cory📧, University of Exeter
  • Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen: A hub for undergraduate engineering innovationDr Matthew Wettergreen📧
  • KEYNOTE | Make:Projects: Digital tool for collaboration and student engagement — Dale Dougherty📧, Lauren Baldesarra📧 & Matthew Wettergreen📧

Session 5: Making for Enterprise

Tue 8th September 17:15-19:00 BST

  • Makerlab @ DMCTracey Johnson & Paul Bennett📧, Barnsley DMC
  • Creating hardware/software sensor prototypesAmmar Aboagwa, Onyeka Obidiegwu (SELA) and Alex Kelly📧 (Tinsley Bridge)
  • Leading the Way with Integrative Projects to support Skills DevelopmentDaniel Habbershaw & Dr Gary Wood📧
  • Bringing a “Hacker Mentality” to Health & CareAejaz Zahid📧, South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Care System
  • KEYNOTE | Universities as Mega Maker Spaces – Prof Andrew Maxwell📧, Lassonde School of Engineering

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