UNIMAKER ’21: Agenda*

Wed 15th September
9.30amConference opening
Welcome to the University of Sheffield and introduction to some of the themes of the conference.
Pete Mylon, Conference Chair
10.00amTales from the UNIMAKER community: stories of starting makerspaces
This session will consist of lightning talks followed by small group discussions with staff and students.
Staff and students from Imperial, Newcastle, Exeter and Salford universities
There will be an opportunity to tour The iForge and The Diamond, and to explore the exhibition space.
11.30amRemote Making
- 3D printing Stirling engines
- Experiences as members of an international Makers community
- How European universities have integrated making-based learning into higher education despite the pandemic
Tim Baker, UCL
Dan Garner et al., Derby

Bonny Brandenburger, Potsdam
12.30pmLunch Break
There will be an opportunity to make one of UCL's 3D printed Stirling engines!
2.00pmKEYNOTE: Working with artisan makers in Zimbabwe and EcuadorPam Samasuwo-Nyawiri, Vanhu Vamwe
2.45pmBuilding a Community of Makers
- Implementing EDI within an Engineering Maker Space
- Fostering Culture in a student volunteer-run makerspace
Avalon Cory & Corrina Cory, Exeter
Amit Jariwala, Georgia Tech
3.25pmHighlights from the Project Impactive Accessibility HackathonStudents from UCL
3.45pmTech demos/poster session
- MakerPresence
- Autonomous Mobile Robot
- Coding the Bard
- Design for laser cutting
- Screenbow
Tim Felbinger, Georgia Tech
Ahmed Al Ghadani, NUST (Oman)
Polly Lancaster, Lincoln
Trotec Laser
John Barbrook, Lancaster
5.00pmDrinks Reception
Including a tour of the iTEC student-led activity labs
Stephen Beck, Sheffield
Thu 16th September
9.15amStarting and running makerspaces (cont.)
This session will consist of lightning talks followed by a panel discussion.
Staff and students from UCL, Warwick, Northumbria, NUST (Oman) and Georgia Tech
There will be an opportunity to tour The iForge and The Diamond, and to explore the exhibition space.
11.00amKEYNOTE: UnternehmerTUM
- A visual history of UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace and their journey
- Demonstrating commercial value to and collaborating with industry
- The role of makerspaces/fablabs in the next wave of innovation – smart cities, sustainability and climate change
Vincent Zenkner, UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace (Technical University of Munich)
12.00pmLunch Break
There will be an opportunity to try some of the maker activities used in the Maker{Futures} schools outreach
Alison Buxton, Sheffield
1.00pmProject-based Learning
- Industry collaboration at the heart of the Morson Maker Space
- Wind tunnel project
- The PDE Collection: ‘Retail therapy’
Maria Stukoff, Salford
Paul Watson et al., Newcastle
Craig Whittet & Hugh Pizey, Glasgow School of Art
2.00pmTech demos/poster session
- CAD/CAM workshop and showcase
- Planetary Rover Wheels
- SunrIde Rocket Development
- Using ProjectBoard for Project-based learning
CREATE Education & Ultimaker
Sanjay Kumar, Sheffield
Team SunrIde, Sheffield
Nyssa Rubinsztajn, Engineering.com
3.00pmKEYNOTE: Which prototyping skills should we be teaching novice designers? As few as possible.Matthew Wettergreen, Rice University
4.00pmConference close
Drawing together the various themes emerging from the conference and discussing next steps for the HE makerspace community.
Pete Mylon, Conference Chair

*This agenda is subject to change depending on Covid restrictions and speaker availability.