About UNIMAKER 2021

We are planning for the conference to be in-person however sessions will be available to view remotely via our digital media so in-person attendance is not compulsory.

The overarching themes are;

  • Remote Making and learning outside the makerspace
  • The A to Z of Making – showcasing diverse applications from bioengineering to sewing
  • Starting and Running Makerspaces
  • The Impact of Making
  • Supporting and Developing Students and Staff
  • Building a Community of Makers

The sub themes are;

  1. The A to Z of Making
  • Showcasing the diverse applications of making, both digital and traditional from bioengineering to sewing
  1. Starting and Running Makerspaces
  • Access and supervision models
  • Student leadership and ownership
  • Supporting and developing students
  • Enterprise & extra curricular activities / professional skills
  • Funding and industry engagement
  • Technology for enabling student autonomy
  • Training and Health & Safety
  1. The Impact of Making 
  • Making for mental health and wellbeing
  • STEM and community outreach, widening participation
  • Influencing University culture
  • Sustainability
  • Knowledge exchange and industry collaboration
  1. Supporting and Developing Students and Staff
  • Employability and enterprise skills
  • Developing staff from supervisors to mentors 
  • Working with a curriculum/academics as partners
  • Entrepreneurship and supporting start-ups
  1. Building a Community of Makers
  • Creating a welcoming and inclusive space
  • Sharing good practice
  • Regional engagement and collaboration
  • Working across disciplines